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Side by Side: Doona vs. Evenflo Shyft

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Side by Side: Doona vs. Evenflo Shyft

05/14/24 01:11 pm
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Ever since the Doona hit the market it’s taken the baby gear world by storm with its super convenient car seat stroller combo. No more running around to the trunk, unloading the base, removing the car seat (carefully if baby is napping!), attaching it to the base if you can find exactly where the car seat is meant to click in, and after working up a sweat, stroll away with baby in tow. Been there, done that. 


With the Doona simply remove  the car seat from its base, release the wheels with a button push and you’re off and running. 


More recently in 2023 a new car seat stroller was introduced to the market: Evenflo released the Shyft Dualride, with some similarities and some differences to the Doona. The most notable difference is the ability to remove the wheels, making the Shyft possible to carry around portable.


Important to note: You can only remove wheels when attached to the base, leaving them on the base and making the Shyft lighter to carry in to your home, the grocery store, or somewhere else you wouldn't be able to wheel a stroller.

The Shyft features comfortable  and cozy padding, with a rounded include, that some say is more comfortable on baby's spine. The harness utilizes a sensor clip on the baby’s chest - which can be connected via Bluetooth to an app in order to monitor car seat stats, such as temperature and whether the child is present in the car.


This can also be disabled by removing the battery, if say you are using the seat on Shabbos as a stroller. (Please note: It is recommended to keep a child in the car seat for no more than 2 hours during a 24 hour period, as it sits an infant upright in an unnatural position).


Another huge factor are the safety ratings. The Evenflo Shyft scored a lot higher than the Doona on crash testing, with the Doona scoring on the lower end. For example, the Doona is not legal to use in some countries such as Canada and Australia, as it doesn't meet the more stringent crash test, while the Shyft Dualride is legal.


The Shyft's base has an anti-rebound bar, which is an added safety feature meant to reduce the rebound during a collision, keeping baby's neck and head more stable than without. 


The Shyft Dualride handle extends a few inches higher than the Doona, making it more convenient for tall people. Both car seat strollers are quite low to the ground, as the wheels have to be somewhat compact to fold up into the car seat. 


  • Fluid wheel release
  • Stroller push is good
  • Short Handlebar
  • Heavy to carry
  • Not legal in Canada as it didn't pass the more rigorous safety tests
  • Manually rethread safety harness to grow with child, only 3 different slots
  • Rarely on sale
Overall: The Doona is a classic for a reason and game-changing for errands and life with a baby. A good option for those not looking to lift the car seat much, besides for in and out of car.

Evenflo Shyft Dualride

  • Leave wheels on the base optional
  • Lighter to carry
  • Higher handlebar
  • Higher safety scoring, seems more comfortable for infant
  • Huge canopy
  • Easily adjustable harness, 8 different positions for growing height
  • When on sale, it can be a lot cheaper than the Doona
  • Wheels are only removable when attached to base
  • Stroller push is not as sturdy
  • Annoying to install without base - need to remove rear wheels and place them underneath car seat
Overall: A newcomer with a lot of noteworthy features. Most helpful if you live somewhere with stairs and no elevator.

Who wins this round? Depending on your needs and lifestyle, both are a great option for making newborn life that much more simplified.

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We may earn commission from affiliate links. We appreciate your support!


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