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Trade in your old fat PS4 500gb console for $187.16 Amazon Credit

Trade in your old fat PS4 500gb console for $187.16 Amazon Credit

For anyone who has upgraded to a PS4 Pro or has an old original PS4 500gb console laying around, you can trade it in to Amazon right now for a ridiculous $187.16 amazon credit (and they pay the shipping cost for you to send it to them as well).

Amazon has two separate PS4 trade-in pages. One for the regular 500gb console which offers you $143.60 right now (it changes slightly up or down daily). CLICK HERE for that page.

HOWEVER....they have another page for the SAME 500gb console, but listed as a "Refurb", where they still offer to accept it for trade-in. And on that page, located HERE, the trade-in offer for the PS4 console is a ridiculous $187.16 right now (goes up or down a couple bucks throughout the day)!!! That is insane considering many PS4 Slim packages with 1 or 2 games have been $250 or less on Black Friday/Cyber Monday and the prices have fallen so far.

There is NO way to identify a console as being a "refurb", so even if you bought yours new, it is still accepted on Amazon under the refurb trade-in link. You just need to send in your console, one controller, the power cord, and maybe a random HDMI cable for it to qualify. No need to include original box or anything like that. You can even receive the credit INSTANTLY before even shipping it (but if your PS4 is defective or you fail to send it in, they would charge you back for that credit amount).

Seems like a pretty slick deal considering how much the values on the PS4 have fallen this season. Great way to upgrade to a PS4 Pro! (H/T Slickdeals)

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