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The Top 4 Cards For Global Entry And TSA Prechck

Dealing with airport security can be very annoying when you are traveling. International travel can be even more frustrating, with long lines at the customs checkpoints. Having a passport is required, and, today, having Global Entry or TSA Precheck is becoming nearly a necessity as well.


Many travelers avoid pursuing Global Entry or TSA Precheck because they don’t want to pay the fees if they are not frequent travelers. Fortunately, there are several popular credit cards that offer a particular perk that involves reimbursement for the Global Entry or TSA Precheck fees, making this option more accessible for every traveler.


First, it is important to know that Global Entry allows for expedited re-entry into the United States, and includes TSA Precheck for a $100 fee, and the membership is good for 5 years.


TSA Precheck alone costs $85 for 5 years. This gets you through security but will not speed up re-entry after international travel outside of the United States.


With the additional cost of Global Entry being only $15, many travelers will opt for the combination. Here are the top cards that will offer a credit every 4 years for the fees you pay for Global Entry or TSA Precheck, if you pay using the card. This list does not include every card that offers this perk, just a few of the most popular ones.


But we can't choose a credit card simply for this perk, we need to consider all the benefits and costs and determine which one will best suit our needs if we want Global Entry or TSA Precheck.


Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card:


    • Application fee credit for either Global Entry or TSA Precheck, every four years
    • No annual fee for the first year, then $95 per year
    • Welcome bonus of 50,000 miles after spending $3,000 during the first 3 months
    • Earn 2X miles per dollar on all purchases
    • Earn 10X miles at
    • No foreign transaction fees
    • (read our full review here)
    United Explorer Card:


      • Application fee credit for Global Entry or TSA Precheck every four years
      • No annual fee for the first year, then $95 per year
      • welcome bonus of 40,000 miles after you spend $2,000 during the first 3 months (you need just 30k points for a one way trip to Europe or 42,500 to Israel) you can also transfer points from the Chase Sapphire Preferred/ Sapphire Reserve / Chase Business Ink Preferred to top up your united account points balance
      • Free checked bag for you and companion
      • 2X points on United purchases
      • 2X points on restaurants and hotels Expanded/cheaper award availability when using points for united flights (united opens special award availability for card members only, were at times will save you thousands of points
      • 2 united club lounge passes after each card anniversary


      Chase Sapphire Reserve:   

          • Application fee for Global Entry or TSA Precheck every 4 years
          • Annual fee $450
          • welcome bonus of 50K points after spending $4,000 in the first 3 months
          • Earn 3X on all travel purchases
          • $300 annual travel credit towards any travel purchases even tolls
          • Priority Pass Select Membership
          • Your points are worth 50% more when redeeming it with chase ultimate rewards portal
          • Primary car rentals insurance
          • Premium roadside assistance
          • Can be transferred to more then 15 airlines and hotels partners 


          Amex Platinum Card:


            • Application fee for global entry or TSA Precheck every 4 years plus all additional card members are eligible to receive the credit and lounge access (cost to add 3 additional users is $175)
            • Annual fee $550
            • Welcome bonus of 60,000 points after $5,000 spent in first 3 months
            • Earn 5X points on travel booked directly with Amex travel
            • $200 airline credit yearly
            • $15 Uber credit monthly (Month of December you will receive $35 credit)
            • No preset spending limits
            • Premium roadside assistance
            • (read our full review here)   


            Most Face Value Annually:  the Chase Sapphire Reserve has been the best go to travel rewards credit card since chase announced it back in 2016 with a $300 travel credit annually unlike Amex were you can only use the credit for in-flight seat upgrades or baggage charges, with the sapphire reserve you will be able to use it for virtually any kind of travel included like actual airfare tickets or even tolls, besides the lounge access and restaurants included in the priority pass select membership, and primary car rentals insurance worldwide.


            Best Perks: the Amex Platinum card comes loaded with perks like no other card in the market, with $15 Uber credits monthly, Application fee for global entry or TSA Precheck every 4 years plus all additional card users, lounge access to Amex centurion lounges with a priority pass select membership included, $100 Saks fifth credit, premium roadside assistance, $200 incidental airline credit, elite status at Hilton and Marriott hotels, Elite statues with car rental companies like Hertz, Avis and National car.


            Most Unique Benefits: the Chase United Explorer card comes with one of the most unique benefits a co-branded credit card can come with, as being a cardholder from the united explorer card will unlock you extra saver award space on united flights, this perk will save you at times thousands of miles or in some cases it will be half the amount of someone who isn’t a cardholder.


            Without being logged in with a united explorer card 

            When logged in with united explorer card 

            as you can see here a non cardholder will pay with almost 13,000 points more than a cardholder of the United explorer Card. 


             Most Underrated Card : the capital one venture card has been around for quite a while now, but with the 13 added airline transfer partners in 2018 and a welcome bonus of 50,000 points this card became a no brainier with solid earning of 2X per $ spent and 10X at, Application fee credit for either Global Entry or TSA Precheck, every four years.


            The Bottom Line

            Getting through airport and security checkpoints and passport control points can make travel very difficult. Having Global Entry and/or TSA Precheck can help you speed through the checkpoints and make things go very smoothly. Why pay for these perks when you can get them for free by using one of these terrific credit cards? Check out the range of perks and associated costs for each of these cards and find the one that best meets your unique needs.



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