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AD: Rosh Kollel donates Kidney

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AD: Rosh Kollel donates Kidney

01/24/19 08:50 am
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A personal message from Aaron Zisow

Sometime before Rosh Hashanah, it was brought to my attention that one of our very esteemed yungerleit in the Kollel, “Rabbi B.”, is experiencing kidney failure and is in need of a kidney. It is hard to imagine that he is so sick, as with tremendous dedication Rabbi B. attends Kollel, learning diligently almost every day! The idea of giving a kidney was never on my radar, but the opportunity and sense of responsibility to give a student, friend, young talmid chocham, husband, and father, the gift of life, was too big to pass up on. As I led the Tefillos on Yom Kippur, I noticed for the very first time the wording of the prayers asking Hashem to “renew our kidneys”, as it took on a totally new meaning for me.

On October 4th, I went for my initial testing to see if I was a potential match. Surprisingly, I was. After much continuous testing we were informed of the final results a few weeks ago. I was cleared as a donor and we are scheduled for surgery on February 4th. You can’t imagine the excitement that my wife and I feel to have this opportunity. (Yes, we are also somewhat apprehensive, as kidney donation is a real surgery!)

We wanted to share this with you and humbly request three things.

Firstly, please daven for Daniel Simcha ben Toba Faiga and Aaron ben Baila Rochel, for the surgery to be successful and the recovery easy.

Secondly, it you are able to, it would mean a lot to us if you would take upon yourself a small “upgrade” in your Asher Yatzar blessing, which we say after using the restroom. This is a true recognition of the function of the kidneys which is so easy for a healthy individual to take for granted. If this is not a blessing you are accustomed to reciting, then possibly start saying it in English or in Hebrew once a day. If you already say this blessing, then once a day say the blessing while standing still and not while walking around. Or, concentrate for a few seconds on the meaning and ramifications of the blessing. (Remember, accepting on ourselves higher levels of spirituality is effectively done in very small increments. Therefore, a small commitment is a very powerful merit.)

Thirdly, in order to help alleviate my financial fundraising responsibilities for the Kollel during the recuperation period, some kind individuals have set up a fundraising platform for this purpose. Any help is greatly appreciated and makes you a partner in this endeavor. It would be a tremendous help if you can forward this link to any friends and acquaintances.

Click HERE to donate.

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We may earn commission from affiliate links. We appreciate your support!


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